2020 Summer Specials

Maintenenance Services

$40 Special
$40 Special
Camera cleaning, maintenance, updates and adjustments ($60 value)

Up to 6 cameras or 1hr of work

All brands, analog or digital, interior or exterior

DVRs, NVRs, Servers, and mobile apps included
$20 Referral
$20 Referral
Refer another business for the $40 special and get yours for only $20!

Multiple referrals can either be used for additional service now, or saved and used within 12 months, or can apply toward installation services.
Free consultation, site walk-through, and design plans.

Ask Questions and Make Reservations 435-227-1530

Your Benefits

Crime Deterrent

Security cameras are the #1 deterrent to planned crimes like burglary and theft according to interviews of professional criminals. An ever present eye watching over your business 24x7 is the best way to prevent loss and property damage.
Safety and Security

You get resilient vandal proof cameras, mounted professionally at physically secure heights, with features that allow visibility in all lighting and weather conditions. Your video footage is stored away from the camera and can even be stored on redundant hardware or off-site.
Remote Access

Mobile apps with video and audio capabilities allow you a front row seat to your business in palm of your hand. Keep your eyes and ears on your business no matter where you are. It makes no difference whether you're at your cabin, in the middle of the lake, or half way around the world.
Cost Effective Design

You get the coverage you need for your business without paying for unnecessary equipment. Your building doesn't need to have a standard layout or design and you don't have to pay for unnecessary extras. Need your cameras to alert when items are removed? Need facial or license plate recognition?
Local Support

Your needs are taken care of by a local business whose team lives right here in our community. You're never just a number in a database because our success depends on your satisfaction. Ultimately if you're not 5-star happy about your service then neither are we. You deserve our absolute best!
Full Service

We handle all aspects of service from installation and regular cleanings to updates, continual monitoring, assistance with producing footage for law enforcement, adjusting camera angles to cover blind spots, you name it! It works like this: you say what you need, we make it happen. Our goal is a 5-star experience.

Your satisfaction is our priority!

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